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Realtor Coffee Talk Dec 30th 2017

Final Realtor Coffee Talk for 2017. The Tuttle Group grew by 40%, but that is not as important as having great client communications as well as recognizing where can improve.

There is a difference between goals and plans. Goals are aspirational, whereas a plan is a path to reach those goals and aspirations. We are working to be better at delivering our base...

DFW Weekly Mortgage Update: Low Unemployment & Low Rates

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

Quick holiday update. The jobs report was good overall with 57,000 new jobs at a 4.7% unemployment rate. While the jobs report was strong bonds stayed above, and looking forward some are forecasting lower unemployment which could cause inflation due to a tighter jobs market.

Looking at the price chart, we see that we are staying at a floating stance. The west coast fires and...

Realtor Coffee Talk: Finishing Strong Starts Now- October 14

Realtors Coffee Talk Texas - The Tuttle Group

Two events are coming up this week. First our semi-annual Mastermind DFW dinner. If you do over 12mm, we encourage you to join us to hear Bill Hart talk about navigating the new normal, the team model, leveraging and getting the most out of your people. Live a balanced life and make more money.

If you are not at $12mm a year and want to grow your business, then you need to...

Realtor Coffee Talk September 8th

Realtors Coffee Talk Texas - The Tuttle Group

Join us Friday, October 20th with Executive Coach Bill Hart. If you are interested in learning how to generate more real estate leads than you can handle and how to work better with your vendors, your partners, and sphere, this is the place for you.

Bill typically charges $1000/hour but he will be helping you to learn how to build a profitable business. Plus there is a VIP lunch to...

Realtor Coffee Talk August 26th: Mega Marathon Update

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

My team and I went to the Mega Marathon conference last week. Here is a breakdown. Simple steps that will change your business. Below is an overview:

Calls: Make 30 calls a day (150 calls a week) Contacts: 10 a day Meetings: 15 face-to-face meetings a week 10-point Follow up: thank you cards, birthday cards, meetings

This is using your past client list, VIP list, influencers...

Realtor Coffee Talk 08/12/17: Bank Statement Loans are Back

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

Non-traditional financing is back! We are now able to serve various borrowers that may not have been able to qualify for a loan. Below are several examples, please call us, we probably have a loan program that will help your client.

Bank Statement Loans- This is a solution for self-employed. Simply have your client bring their business and personal tax papers as well as business...

Realtor Coffee Talk Aug 5th 2017: Create Your Own Pre-Approval Letters

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

Today are going to discuss Floify allows you to follow the loan process for your clients. Whenever you send us a client, we will link you to the system which will provide you with an easy way to collect and verify documents, keep all partners in the loop, and efficiently manage every loan in process.

The system will send you a notification on your phone either through text or...

Realtor Coffee Talk July 28th: Join The Tuttle Group at the 2017 Sales Mega Marathon

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

This week we are reminding you to join at the Core Training “Sales Mega Marathon” on August 18, 2017 at the Anatole in Dallas. This super upbeat seminar will help you stay focused generating leads for your business. Please note that even though their site says they’re sold out, we are able to secure extra tickets, so you’re welcome to get them from The Tuttle Group. We’d...

Realtor Coffee Talk July 21st: Getting to the Top of the Funnel

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

This week’s Coffee Talk we discuss Home Scout. As you probably know, An average agent makes 25 contacts, works with two of those and sells to one. Let’s start at what a contact is; according to NAR, a contact is any prospective buyer or seller that has made contact. Most of the contacts are lost to lead aggregators (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com).

Additionally, 50% of the...

Realtor Coffee Talk: 3 Niche Programs to Fill Your Pipeline

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

This week we are discussing three niche programs offered by The Tuttle Group that may help you generate more sales.

Bond Program (a possible way to cover closing costs) available for 1st time home buyer. If your buyer has the cash to close issues, they may use a Mortgage Credit Certificate which can be up to 6% in some cases. Investors- Programs 20%-25%- the Tuttle Group can do...

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