We know a home owner needs an experienced Realtor during the home buying process. Similarly, top Realtors know a licensed mortgage broker is critical to a successful home loan, one that closes on-time and correctly.

That’s why successful real estate agents in DFW rely on The Tuttle Group to handle their clients’ home mortgages.  We help Realtors and home buyers avoid headaches. After all, at The Tuttle Group, we’re your partner in home finance.

Realtor Coffee Talk

We care about our Realtor professionals and want to help you succeed. Be it around productivity, goal setting or referral networks, each week we share tips that can help you grow your business, and we only share what we’ve vetted and know works. Learn about special training for those in the real estate industry and events you’ll want to check out.

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We Care About Your Business

At The Tuttle Group, we are committed to helping Realtors grow their business. We’re never more than a phone call away, always happy to help, be it pre-approvals and help with offers – even on the weekends!

We partner directly with the Top 250 Realtors in Dallas-Ft. Worth, which consists of those in residential real estate who do $10 million or more in sales volume annually. As market leading loan officers, we’re successful when we help our Realtor professionals grow their business. We conduct regular training sessions and workshops that cover all facets of running a successful business, including business planning and goal setting.

Realtor Resources

We continuously share information with the residential real estate community to help Realtors be more successful. Each week we provide a free newsletter with tips on boosting productivity and share the work habits of successful producers. Sign up for our Realtor Coffee Talk newsletter so you can achieve your business goals.

Our Realtor professionals have access to tools that allow you to easily market properties you are representing. From a website to an open house sign-up sheet, we try to make your job easier. (View sample.)

We also are advocates of CORE Training, which is used by top mortgage brokers and real estate agents across the country. Not only are we active participants, we also regularly conduct in-depth workshops and training sessions to help Realtors achieve their goals.

Are you a Realtor who is interested in working with us? Contact The Tuttle Group And also give us your valuable Realtor Feedback.

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We Care About Your Clients

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Your clients are in good hands. We are licensed mortgage professionals who are veterans in this industry, ensuring home loans close on time and correctly. Our real estate partners realize the mortgage lender is just as important as the actual offer made on a home. Since The Tuttle Group is a trusted name in the real estate community, our offer means something. It also saves you and your client time and money.

Our home buyers typically make 2.5 offers to land their dream home. The national average is 6. Think about that — six different offers on six different homes. Talk about avoiding headaches and hassles.

We keep you and your client up to date every step of the way, so you’ll receive weekly status updates, by phone and email. You’ll also be notified of significant milestones and any changes. We keep everyone informed, including your client, so you don’t have to.

As your clients goes through the home loan process, they will receive our weekly DFW Mortgage Update. This will keep them informed on market changes to be aware of and explain how the fluctuations impact the cost of borrowing money to buy a home.

We Care About Our Community

Like you, we care about our community and do what we can to give back, locally in the Metroplex and beyond. Everyone at The Tuttle Group has a big heart and we love making a difference in our community.

These are the organizations we continually support.

International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. The organization has rescued more than 34,000 people from violence and oppression and helping to protect 21 million people globally from violence.

The American Warrior Initiative is focused on educating, inspiring and giving back to our Veterans. The non-profit organization works with real estate agents and mortgage professionals so we can support military and veteran families with home ownership.

The Nancy Lieberman Charities is committed to promoting and developing healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities for young girls and boys. The vision is to be the catalyst for the development of young girls and boys throughout the country by using basketball as a motivational tool.

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Stay In The Know

Stay up to date on what you need to know about market changes and how that impacts a home mortgage.