Realtor Coffee Talk 08/12/17: Bank Statement Loans are Back

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Non-traditional financing is back! We are now able to serve various borrowers that may not have been able to qualify for a loan. Below are several examples, please call us, we probably have a loan program that will help your client.

  • Bank Statement Loans- This is a solution for self-employed. Simply have your client bring their business and personal tax papers as well as business statements, and we can help.
  • Foreign Nationals- Loans can now be made to those that may not have a Social Security number or other background information (please note they do need to qualify under the terms of this program)
  • People with past financial issues. We have programs for those that may have been affected in the past by bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • Investor Cash Flow- We have a new program that works on debt-servicing the deal. This is similar to a commercial loan in that it is based on the property.

These new programs will help your pipeline get additional life for those that may not qualify for traditional financing.

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