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Mortgage Application Checklist

You will need to gather an assortment of documents for your new mortgage application. Below is our Mortgage Application Checklist of the documents necessary to get started.

Documentation for All Borrowers:

  • W-2 forms (previous 2 years)
  • Paycheck stubs (last 30 days – most current)
  • Employer name and address (2 year history including any gaps)
  • Bank accounts statement (recent 2 months – all pages plus all non-payroll deposits must be documented so make a copy of the check before depositing)
  • Statements for 401(k)s, stocks and other investments (most recent)
  • Signed federal tax returns (previous 2 years)
  • Residency history (2 year history with name, phone number, address and account number of landlord or mortgage company)
  • Photo identification for applicant and co-applicant (valid Driver’s License or Passport)
  • Check or credit card information for credit report and appraisal fee
  • New home Sales Agreement, specifications, plans and/or legal description

Additional Documentation:

You may need additional documentation based on your situation. Below is a list of situations and the documents you will be asked to bring.

  • Divorced Borrowers
    • Divorce Decree
  • Self-Employed Borrowers
    • Copies of most recent 2 years corporate tax returns (with all schedules)
    • YTD profit and loss statement and balance sheet
    • Copy of business license or CPA contact information
    • 1099s or K1 forms
  • Refinancing
    • Copy of Note, Deed of Trust or Mortgage
    • HUD-1 Settlement Statement/Closing Disclosure
    • Survey
    • Homeowner’s insurance information
  • Borrowers Selling Current Home
    • Contract for home being sold
  • Eligible Active Military or Veterans
    • Veteran DD214 or Veteran Reservists DD256
    • Certificate of Eligibility
  • Previous Bankruptcy
    • Petition and Discharge
    • Supporting schedules A through K
  • Relocation Agreement
    • If relocation move is financed by employer, such as a buyout agreement plus documentation outlining company paid closing costs benefits

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As you complete the application, please use your best estimate if documentation is not available.

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