Realtor Coffee Talk: 3 Niche Programs to Fill Your Pipeline

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

This week we are discussing three niche programs offered by The Tuttle Group that may help you generate more sales.

  1. Bond Program (a possible way to cover closing costs) available for 1st time home buyer. If your buyer has the cash to close issues, they may use a Mortgage Credit Certificate which can be up to 6% in some cases.
  2. Investors- Programs 20%-25%- the Tuttle Group can do as little as 15% down plus programs for investors with a lot of property the Tuttle Group can underwrite depending on rental rates
  3. For clients with Foreclosures and Bankruptcies- The Tuttle Group has several programs that may help them qualify.

Be sure to look through your pipeline, one of the programs described above can help you get an extra closing.

Have a great week, we are here to help.

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