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When we say a home mortgage is about much more than interest rates, we’re serious! The last thing we would want is for any of our clients to end up house rich but cash poor. That’s what can happen when the only thing being considered as part of a home mortgage is the interest rate or fees.

At The Tuttle Group, we work with you to figure out the amount of money you should be spending on a home and can comfortably afford. It’s surprising how many times we begin working with someone and they learn they are not shopping in the appropriate price range. Either they are overshooting how much money they should be spending, or they are unaware of how much they can comfortably afford. It all has to do with your long-term financial goals. Together, we’ll determine the amount of money you should put down on a house, and the amount of money to finance on a home loan, so you can achieve your financial plan.

We teach you how to use your mortgage as a financial instrument that you can use to create wealth. This empowers our clients to make smart decisions about home ownership and wealth. It also means you have financial peace of mind and confidence in your decisions involving a new home.

A big part of landing your dream home is the offer you make. Obviously, you want it to go through. But so do lots of other people who may be considering that same house. Since The Tuttle Group is a trusted name in the real estate community, our offer means something. Offers with our name on it are considered differently. How do we know? Our clients make 2.5 offers, on average, to land their dream home. The national average is 6. Think about that — six different offers on six different homes. Talk about unnecessary headaches!

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The Tuttle Group is consistently recognized for being marketing leading loan officers who provide outstanding customer service. We are licensed mortgage professionals who are veterans in this industry. This means your home mortgage will close on time, correctly.

As professional loan officers, we will help you sort through the full range of options and borrower requirements to find the best home loan structure to meet your needs.

Since mortgage transactions have a lot of moving parts, there are a number of possible mistakes. One dropped ball means you won’t close on time, if at all. In an average home loan, it involves eight different people across 32 different companies.

At The Tuttle Group, we are one group that takes care of everything on your behalf. Our team specializes in all phases of the process, from loan origination and processing to underwriting and production. We also coordinate the third-party professionals involved, including appraisals, IRS verification, asset review and verification of employment.

You want a highly disciplined, structured and detailed mortgage expert staying on top of this — to avoid costly delays so the process moves along in a timely fashion. That’s what you’ll find at The Tuttle Group. A team that makes the home buying process as seamless and stress-free as possible for you.

You’ll find that we are proactive and keep you up-to-date, every step of the way. You’ll be notified of significant milestones and any changes as you go through the home loan process, and will receive our weekly DFW Mortgage Update. This will keep you informed of market changes that can impact the cost of borrowing money to buy a home.

You’ll find we’re all the things you want in someone who will be working with you to obtain your dream home. We’re easy to work with, even fun! We’re always accessible, including nights and weekends, and we are 100% transparent. Whether it’s obtaining a mortgage, refinancing, or applying for a loan, we are there every step of the way, guiding you through the process and proactively communicating with you – so you always know what’s happening.

At The Tuttle Group, we’re your friend in home finance – for life. That means we’re always here for you. We’re a wealth of referrals and resources, be it a painter, contractor, or someone to help with your landscape. We also can recommend other professional services you may need, such as a CPA, financial advisor or insurance agent.

After you’re a happy home owner, you’ll still hear from us. We’ll do a regular credit report review and an annual mortgage review call. We’ll even notify you if there is an opportunity for you to save money by refinancing your home mortgage with a lower interest rate.

Find the Right Loan for You

There are many types of loans available and understanding mortgage options can be complicated. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, looking to refinance, self-employed, military veteran, or public servant- The Tuttle Group is here to help. We’re experienced in working with people who have unique loan situations and we will help you figure out the loan program best for you.

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Out of the Box Home Loans

Don’t believe a conventional home loan is right for you? We understand! This often applies to business owners, doctors and those who are self-employed. An inexperienced mortgage banker would qualify you for far less home than you can afford.

Not so at The Tuttle Group. We’re experienced in working with people who have unique loan situations. We often see this with Veterans and active Military members, as well as public servants – teachers, police officers and firefighters.

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