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Home Improvements that Won’t Payoff with Resell

Home Improvements that Won’t Payoff with Resell - The Tuttle Group

Homeownership comes with a good deal of maintenance and home improvement projects, but some homeowners select projects with the specific goal of adding value to the home. If you fall into this category, it is wise to keep in mind that not all home improvement projects are created equal, and not all improvements will mean value added.

Here are some such...

Getting your dream house in a seller’s market

Getting your dream house in a seller’s market - The Tuttle Group

It’s no secret that the DFW area is experiencing a major seller’s market right now. According to a recent Dallas Morning News article, Dallas-Fort Worth home prices are significantly overvalued, and the home price growth may even continue into 2016. So if you are looking at buying a home in the near future, you will be looking at some tough competition. Below are some tips for...

2015 Five Star Mortgage Professional: Andy Tuttle

2015 Five Star Mortgage Professional Andy Tuttle - The Tuttle Group

Five Star Professional is an organization that recognizes service professionals of exceptional performance and top quality service to their clients. And amongst the list of this years winners for “Five Star Mortgage Professional” is–drum roll please–Andy Tuttle himself!

So how exactly does this award work, how are people chosen, and most importantly, why...

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