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DFW Mortgage Market Update July 29th, 2017

DFW Real Estate Market Update - The Tuttle Group

This past week was full of news and events, including the Fed meeting, initial job claims, and a stock market rally.

The Fed did not raise the rate and will be stable for now, but we are looking at an increase possibly in September, The GDP was revised lower, we are at a 1.9% growth which is slower than anticipated. The job market continued to be strong, and for a record 125th...

Realtor Coffee Talk July 28th: Join The Tuttle Group at the 2017 Sales Mega Marathon

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

This week we are reminding you to join at the Core Training “Sales Mega Marathon” on August 18, 2017 at the Anatole in Dallas. This super upbeat seminar will help you stay focused generating leads for your business. Please note that even though their site says they’re sold out, we are able to secure extra tickets, so you’re welcome to get them from The Tuttle Group. We’d...

DFW Mortgage Market Update July 22nd

DFW Real Estate Market Update - The Tuttle Group https://youtu.be/AAX5PbkeBjo We are right in the middle of summer, and we see good news. New home starts are up as well as housing permits. The jobs report was positive well (the job outlook is the best in 47 years). The last trading dates we have seen a real improvement in interest rates. Additionally, when we review the charts, we see growth continuing.

Realtor Coffee Talk July 21st: Getting to the Top of the Funnel

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

This week’s Coffee Talk we discuss Home Scout. As you probably know, An average agent makes 25 contacts, works with two of those and sells to one. Let’s start at what a contact is; according to NAR, a contact is any prospective buyer or seller that has made contact. Most of the contacts are lost to lead aggregators (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com).

Additionally, 50% of the...

Ernesto Miranda talks about “Working with History”

Mortgage Broker Dallas - The Tuttle Group https://youtu.be/Kf_MrDFCe2E Ernesto discusses establishing a budget for the design aspect of a historical building or home. Working with the historical society to allow leniency in order to complete the project. This helps with providing additional income from the tax base as well as maintaining history.

Steve Rosenberg discusses “What is the best deal for you?”

Best Deal for Buying Home - The Tuttle Group

Steve discusses what the best deal for you and your long-term goals. The base question should be what are the long term effects of this purchase. Remember, buying a home is a business transaction, and you need to have a goal.

As Steven Covey would say “begin with the end in mind.” What is the end game? What is your business plan (even if you are buying your primary...

DFW Mortgage Market Update July 15th 2017

DFW Real Estate Market Update - The Tuttle Group

Hot summer with a lot of volatility with bond friendly data. Consumer price index kept inflation in line. But, we had a change that stopped the rally. Early in the week, we had a great rally but we had a “triple tap” in the leading indicators which pushed bond pricing down. The technical influencers that play out as we have a slow news week.

Moving forward we will have to...

Realtor Coffee Talk: 3 Niche Programs to Fill Your Pipeline

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

This week we are discussing three niche programs offered by The Tuttle Group that may help you generate more sales.

Bond Program (a possible way to cover closing costs) available for 1st time home buyer. If your buyer has the cash to close issues, they may use a Mortgage Credit Certificate which can be up to 6% in some cases. Investors- Programs 20%-25%- the Tuttle Group can do...

Best of Mortgage D Magazine Award — Three Times A Charm

Best of Mortgage D Magazine Award - The Tuttle Group

The Tuttle Group is proud to announce that we have– for the third straight year — won the prestigious “Best of Mortgage” award from D Magazine. We are honored and humbled to be nominated for this award by our home-buyer clients and their Realtors from around D-FW.

We believe this recognition speaks to our dedication to always helping our clients and providing reliable...

DFW Mortgage Market Update July 8th

DFW Real Estate Market Update - The Tuttle Group

Middle of summer and the not is it hot outside but so is the market. Inventory is low with under 500,000 so competitive bids are still aggressive. It is a good time to review the rate you already have locked in.

Bond prices have continued to fall forcing a nominal increase in rates. The news has affected the bond rates including the ADP report was not market friendly. We are...

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