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The HOME SCOUT APP Helps You Find the Right Home

Home Scout App Helps You Find the Right Home - The Tuttle Group

A new HOME SCOUT app helps you to learn more about the homes on the market. Understanding how it can help you will make it easier for you to explore listings and make more informed decisions about a home before you choose to buy it.

Why HOME SCOUT? Websites like Zillow and Trulia have been used for years to obtain market information about housing. There are several details that are...

DFW Mortgage Market Update February 16

DFW Mortgage Market Update - The Tuttle Group

The stock market recovered the loses from all of the gains from last week. So this pressured bond pricing but with a late-week rally, we are looking for improvement this week. Good news if you were pre-approved contact your lender to make sure you are still qualified.

Zillow is not the best resource for searching for homes. The database for homes is not updated in a timely manner....

The Ever Changing Mortgage Marketplace

The Ever Changing Mortgage Marketplace - The Tuttle Group

The ever-changing marketplace needs to be understood so you can determine how it’s going to affect your ability to get a mortgage.

Current Mortgage Rates According to recent data as of February 2018, the mortgage rates have been increasing steadily over the past several weeks. The average is a 0.6 point increase and is resulting in an approximate 4.32 percent...

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