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Three Tips for a Hot Real Estate Market That Can Keep Your Results High

Three Tips for a Hot Real Estate Market That Can Keep Your Results High

The market is still HOT HOT HOT although it is cooling down some. Inventory is down as much as 35% in some areas, which means fewer houses available.

That’s giving sellers more confidence to stick with a higher price. If you like “low ball offers,” watch out! Your strategy has been a pit in...

Shopping around… part two

Once you are satisfied that you are working with a top-quality professional mortgage advisor, here are the rules and secrets you must know to “shop” effectively.

First, IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS. But you didn’t really need us to tell you that, did you? Mortgage money and interest rates all come from the same places, and if...

Potential Reasons Home Sales Can Fall Through

Buying or selling a home is an all-around stressful time, particularly when things go wrong or the sale falls through. You may understand the possibilities of the sale falling through, but when it happens to you it can be a heartbreaking shock. Below are a few common reasons sales fall apart:

The buyer gets ‘cold feet’ – Whether it is fear of...

A Seller’s Self-Imposed Roadblocks

With it being a hot real estate market, and a seller’s market at that, you’ve decided to join in and put your house up for sale. You’ve put the “For Sale” sign up, listed your home, and hired a real estate agent, but you’ve had little to no interest.

What could be the hold-up? Well, it could very well be you. Here are some common self-imposed...

Buying a Home? Don’t Bust Your Budget!

Buying a home can be overwhelming. There is so much to consider: what features are necessities, what style home, what neighborhood, what school district, and so much more. But the number one consideration that should trump all others is whether or not you can afford it.

A home is a big purchase, and it can influence your life in so many ways. Make sure you are not setting...

Stay In The Know

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