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Millennials’ Real Estate Mistakes

Millennials’ Real Estate Mistakes - The Tuttle Group

Coming out of student loan debt and entering the workforce, Millennials all over the country are starting to jump into the real estate market, but several are making some costly mistakes.

Below are some of the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them:

Pouring all assets into a new home: Even if you’ve been saving for a new home, it is not...

Curb Appeal Matters

Curb Appeal Matters - The Tuttle Group

From the outside features of a house to the landscaping, real estate is one industry where a book (house) is most definitely judged by its cover. If your house doesn’t give a good first impression to potential buyers, they may not bother looking further. Curb appeal matters.

But by how much? According to a recent Washington Post article, investing 10 percent of the home...

5 Economic Questions for 2015

5 Economic Questions for 2015 - The Tuttle Group

There are many things that could change in a year, and it’s especially beneficial to anticipate any changes that could go on in the market. So, to prepare yourself for the rest of 2015, educate yourself on these 5 questions and see how they could pertain to you, and what possible effects they may have on your life.

1. How much will Residential Investment increase?


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