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How To Qualify for a VA Loan

Texas VA Loan Requirements | The Tuttle Group

Serving your country in the military requires sacrifice from you and your family. You have to move often as you receive various military assignments and grow your career, and often these assignments come with modest pay. And depending on world events, you’re at risk of being sent into combat. The government tries to reward your brave service in various ways. One is through the VA Loan...

Weekly Market Update 10-14-2022

finance weekly market update - The Tuttle Group

Happy Friday – I hope you are doing well and not watching the news too much . Inflation rose again this week and rates are continuing to go up. This is going to be the case until we see inflation come down.

In this video I break down what happened and what to expect for the near term. I also share some information about a few loan programs that will help...

Guide to USDA Loans in Texas

Guide to USDA Loans in Texas - The Tuttle Group

The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers many services for farmers across the country. But the agency does much more. Part of the USDA’s mission focuses on providing economic opportunity, particularly with a focus on rural America. 

USDA loans in Texas focus on helping communities with investments in housing and other critical infrastructures, such as high-speed...

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