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How Hurricane Harvey May Affect Mortgage Rates

How Hurricane Harvey May Affect Mortgage Rates - The Tuttle Group

Hurricane Harvey caused a significant amount of devastation in southeastern Texas and southern Louisiana. Our hearts continue to go out to these families.  Repairing the devastation will go on for years.  Understanding how this affects mortgage rates is imperative as you look to buy a home.

Where You Impacted by the Hurricane? If you were directly impacted by the...

Remembering 9/11

NYC Firefighter - The Tuttle Group 16 years ago today… 2,977 people were killed including… 343 Firefighters 72 Law Enforcement Officers 6,000 others were wounded 2,000 NYPD units searched the towers 214 FDNY Units 112 Engines 58 Ladder Trucks 5 Rescue Companies 7 Squad Companies 4 Marine Units ONE country united.

Realtor Coffee Talk September 8th

Realtors Coffee Talk Texas - The Tuttle Group

Join us Friday, October 20th with Executive Coach Bill Hart. If you are interested in learning how to generate more real estate leads than you can handle and how to work better with your vendors, your partners, and sphere, this is the place for you.

Bill typically charges $1000/hour but he will be helping you to learn how to build a profitable business. Plus there is a VIP lunch to...

DFW Mortgage Market Update September 8th

DFW Real Estate Market Update - The Tuttle Group

Hurricane Harvey influenced the jobs report as well as the debt ceiling was raised to compensate for the storms that have hit the US. The technicals are looking a little bearish for bonds due to the North Korean bomb-test. Short week with the weather/political news caused the market to spike. Next week look for the technicals taking over. Bonds are poised for a reversal so please lock...

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