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When to walk away from buying a home:

So you think you found the perfect new home. You’ve walked it through, assessed the floor plan and the condition of the home, and you’ve decided it will fit your family’s needs perfectly.

Here are some big deal breakers to be on the look out for. It may look like the perfect house, but any one of these obstacles can be a sign that you should look...

What to ask yourself before selling your house:

It is a seller’s market still in North Texas. Are you thinking about jumping into the action, and selling your house? Before you do, here are some thoughts to take into consideration:

What does your equity look like? If you don’t have enough equity to cover your next home’s down payment, then you should not be looking to sell you...

Home Buying Surprises

You’ve been saving for years, building up enough money for a sizable down-payment or even for a complete cash offer on a house, and you’ve found the perfect house to buy. But, are you prepared for ALL of the costs that come with buying a home?

Here are some expenses that are often aren’t considered, and come as a surprise to home...

Stay In The Know

Stay up to date on what you need to know about market changes and how that impacts a home mortgage.