Realtor Coffee Talk July 21st: Getting to the Top of the Funnel

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This week’s Coffee Talk we discuss Home Scout. As you probably know, An average agent makes 25 contacts, works with two of those and sells to one. Let’s start at what a contact is; according to NAR, a contact is any prospective buyer or seller that has made contact. Most of the contacts are lost to lead aggregators (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com).

Additionally, 50% of the contacts will buy within the next month, as well as 48% have a home to sell.
This is where Home Scout comes in. First, it is a private information app that is offered by invitation only (user data is never sold). Additionally, the app captures contacts with App Share. The consumer benefits due to our ability to expedite the process. Send us an email, and we will include you as a co-branded experience.

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