Ron Toye

Fun Facts:

Which city / suburb do you live in and why?

Richardson. It is multicultural.

What’s your favorite thing about helping someone buy a home (why you like being in this business / working here)?

Setting up a person for financial success not just with the Mortgage loan but for their future.

What should a client working with you know about you?

I work hard.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to your “younger” self?:

Get into the mortgage business sooner and save more money.

What’s your special talent (that you want others to know about!)?

I love to work.

What’s your guilty pleasure in life?

Trying new places to eat.

Ron Toye Loan Manager - The Tuttle Group
Production Manager | NMLS #1372457
Annie DiMarco Loan Manager - The Tuttle Group

Annie DiMarco

Team Captain



Mallory Hisler Loan Processor - The Tuttle Group

Mallory Hisler

Loan Processor



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