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How to Help Houston Flood Victims

Prayers for Texans - The Tuttle Group

Since making landfall this past Friday, Hurricane Harvey has caused catastrophic flooding in the Houston-Galveston areas.  Rescue operations are currently underway in Houston as this tropical storm’s impact continues to devastate.  Our own family and friends have been affected by this relentless storm and it’s aftermath of rainfall, and our hearts are heavy for all those...

Mortgage ABCs: Getting Pre-Qualified For a Mortgage Loan

Getting Pre-Qualified For a Mortgage Loan - The Tuttle Group

Getting a pre-qualified loan for a mortgage is an important step when buying a home. The process varies slightly by the mortgage company. However, there are some basic ABCs that you will want to follow.

Affordability: What Can You Afford? You have to determine what you can afford regarding a housing payment. This includes not only the mortgage payment but also the home...

DFW Mortgage Market Update August 25th

DFW Real Estate Market Update - The Tuttle Group

This week we saw Trump discuss the NAFTA trade agreement and the Jackson Hole Symposium. We are at a 5.8 month supply nationally. In DFW we see a 1.2 month supply. As we head out of summer, we saw the home price index had appreciated 6.5% over the year.

The Jackson Hole Symposium did not discuss any details of the unwinding of the quantitative easing. The news about the NAFTA...

Realtor Coffee Talk August 26th: Mega Marathon Update

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

My team and I went to the Mega Marathon conference last week. Here is a breakdown. Simple steps that will change your business. Below is an overview:

Calls: Make 30 calls a day (150 calls a week) Contacts: 10 a day Meetings: 15 face-to-face meetings a week 10-point Follow up: thank you cards, birthday cards, meetings

This is using your past client list, VIP list, influencers...

Quick Tips for Qualifying for a Home Loan

Quick Tips for Qualifying Home Loan - The Tuttle Group

The biggest purchase that you will most likely make in your life is your home. If it is your first time buying a home, you may be intimidated by this process. However, if you have the right information, getting a mortgage can be quite painless. Here are tips that will help you qualify for a home loan.

Know your credit score

if you don’t know your credit...

Outdoor Water Conservation in North Texas

Outdoor Water Conservation in North Texas - The Tuttle Group

Here in North Texas, outdoor watering restrictions are common. But that doesn’t mean your landscaping needs to suffer. Here are some ways to preserve the curb appeal of your home while also conserving water:

Enhance your existing irrigation system with a smart controller, such as Sprinkl. It attaches to your current sprinkler system and is paired with a smartphone app that...

How HOA’s affect purchasing a home

HOA affect purchasing home - The Tuttle Group

There’s a lot that you should know about a Homeowners Association (HOA) and how it affects not only your home purchase but also property value. It can be a great feature, but knowing what it will offer and how it will constrict you is of the utmost importance.

What is an HOA? HOAs is an association that has a board and a set of rules as to what “can”...

Where are the Best Places to Watch Solar Eclipse in DFW

Where are the Best Places to Watch Solar Eclipse in DFW - The Tuttle Group

On August 21, 2017, we’ll have the once-in- a-lifetime opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse move from coast to coast across the United States. NASA is preparing to do live coverage as the eclipse follows a path from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. While Dallas isn’t in the path of totality (where the Sun is completely blocked), you’ll still see a...

Home Seller Mortgage Questions

Home Seller Mortgage Questions - The Tuttle Group

Selling a home can be almost as daunting as buying a new one, especially for a first-time seller. If you are a home seller, you likely have a ton of questions about the process, especially if you have a mortgage on the property. Let’s go through some commonly asked questions and how to work with your current lender.

Frequently Asked Home Seller...

Realtor Coffee Talk 08/12/17: Bank Statement Loans are Back

lending company in dallas - The Tuttle Group

Non-traditional financing is back! We are now able to serve various borrowers that may not have been able to qualify for a loan. Below are several examples, please call us, we probably have a loan program that will help your client.

Bank Statement Loans- This is a solution for self-employed. Simply have your client bring their business and personal tax papers as well as business...

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