Outdoor Water Conservation in North Texas

Outdoor Water Conservation in North Texas - The Tuttle Group

Here in North Texas, outdoor watering restrictions are common. But that doesn’t mean your landscaping needs to suffer. Here are some ways to preserve the curb appeal of your home while also conserving water:

  • Enhance your existing irrigation system with a smart controller, such as Sprinkl. It attaches to your current sprinkler system and is paired with a smartphone app that looks at local weather conditions to prevent overwatering. Andy talked with the inventor, Noel Geren, during one of the radio shows, watch it here.
  • Use native plants in your landscaping. They are adapted to Texas weather and are accustomed to less water. Grass uses a lot of water, so consider planting more trees, shrubs and ground cover. To find plants suitable for your area, visit the Earth-Kind Plant Selector.
  • Collect rainwater for irrigation in a screened container. You can find rain barrels at most hardware stores or you can easily build your own.
  • Add a layer of mulch to your landscaping to help reduce evaporation and prevent

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