Market Update 11/4/22: More Fed Hikes and Deeper Dive on how to counter Higher Rates

How to Counter Higher Rates - The Tuttle Group

The fed announced their .75% rate hike this week but pointed to only a .5% hike in December.

Fannie Mae says they believe rates will be between 4.5%-5% by the end of 2023.

What does that data mean for you now? How can you prepare and structure your loan in a way that aligns with what the market is doing so you can minimize interest and prepare yourself for an inevitable refinance without paying too much? Are there advantages to buying now at all?

I answer that and walk you through some strategies that will keep your purchasing power higher and still keep you competitive when making an offer. Go to www.TheTuttleGroup.com to explore more helpful resources. Buy smart to build wealth faster with Homebot for Buyers.

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