Market Update 11/11/22 – Be a Buffalo in the Storm

Finance Market Update - The Tuttle Group

Mortgage interest rates are higher. Inflation is hitting us, political unrest, and on and on. We’re all in a “storm” of some sort.

I heard a great story that encouraged me on how to approach these times in our lives and I hope it encourages you as well. I also share a quick market update and some potential good news about the upcoming market conditions.

Remember, the higher rates gives you an opportunity because much of your competition has been eliminated. Take advantage. Next year, when rates drop (according to Fannie Mae), that competition will come roaring back.

We’re in this storm with you and will continue to work on solution to help you get out of it as quickly as possible.

Deep Dive on our “Inflation Buster” and “Lock and Drop” Program: https://youtu.be/jTEvxJr0O8I

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