Market Update Special Report: The FED, Rates and Navigating this Market

Market Update Special Report - The Tuttle Group

A Message from Andy Tuttle, Branch Manager of The Tuttle Group

My whole team sincerely hopes you’re doing well and finding ways to stay positive in this unprecedented time in our country.

You should read this and watch the video because

  1. you’re either already in process with us at some level currently (either buying a home or refinancing a current home) or
  2. we have worked with you in the past and you think you could benefit from looking into a refinance

I’ve recorded a very in depth video to do my best to help cut through the misinformation in the market place and give you sound advice and clear expectations for the next several months.

Below the video I’ve made time stamps so you can watch the main Market Update and then click to spots that may apply to you more directly without having to watch the entire video. These time stamps aren’t perfect but I hope it helps.

This is an unprecedented time and there are many benefits from capitalizing on it. However, there are also pitfalls to watch out for as well as limitations on our service level. This is not a time to be afraid but a time to be focused and serious about what’s most important to you. You’re extremely important to us and I hope we are showing that to you. Please watch this video so we can keep our promise to you and minimize the inevitable frustration this type of market brings.

Market Update Special Report - The Tuttle Group
  • 0:00 – 7:40 – Monthly Market Update: The FED drop and Mortgage Rates – What does all that mean
  • 7:40 – 11:00 – Capacity Issues and Pitfalls to expect industry wide. Why pricing may improve but rates won’t get lower
  • 11:00 – 12:45 What we’re doing here at The Tuttle Group and Mid America Mortgage to make sure you close on time
  • 12:45 –14:48 Coronavirus and Recession Update
  • 14:48 – 16:12 -Right Time to Buy (for clients looking for a new home)? What to expect for rates and home prices
  • 16:13 – 18:20 Best Strategies to consider in this type of market whether buying or refinancing
  • 18:21 – 21:06 Process for those who haven’t decided to refinance yet, whether we’ve talked or not yet
  • 21:06 – 23:05 -The Process for EVERYONE to follow to communicate with us, set meetings, protect your rate, etc
  • 23:05 – Final Thoughts and Recap of Benefits of capitalizing on this market

www.LoanWellnessCheck.com – use this link to look into refinancing or if we haven’t closed a home loan together since your last loan. It’s a short form that shares your current loan information so we can draw up an accurate analysis for you.

Apply here: www.TheTuttleGroup.com/Apply – use this if we have not already sent you an application link through CLICK N CLOSE

Schedule a meeting here: www.TheTuttleGroup.com/Meeting – use this to get on a call or video conference with me if you have questions that need answered before you’re comfortable completing an application or to get an answer the team is not able to get you.

Use the below contact information to reach out to the team

Team Line: 469-319-0660

Team Text: 972-846-8115

Team Email: Team@TheTuttleGroup.com

Clients with loans in process (you’ve already submitted signed disclosures): Annie@TheTuttleGroup.com

If you haven’t received a Refinance Analysis from us yet, you will be receiving one in the next few business days. Watch the video starting at 18:21 for details on this.

Thank you again for your continued trust, loyalty and patience. We will need it during this time. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of all the details and make sure we’re with you every step of the way.

Stay Safe. We’ll all get through this together. We’re a resilient people and a resilient country. Focus on the positive and know we’re here for you on this important decision.


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