The HOME SCOUT APP Helps You Find the Right Home

Home Scout App Helps You Find the Right Home - The Tuttle Group

A new HOME SCOUT app helps you to learn more about the homes on the market. Understanding how it can help you will make it easier for you to explore listings and make more informed decisions about a home before you choose to buy it.

Websites like Zillow and Trulia have been used for years to obtain market information about housing. There are several details that are missed on these sites that HOME SCOUT accounts for. When you look at what is not included in the other sites, you will see why the new app can be so beneficial:

  • Changes made through remodeling
  • Assessed appraisals
  • Accurate zip code to town listings

HOME SCOUT relies on other data beyond public records, making it more accurate. Further, it provides faster updates so that you can see more information.

What can you expect out of HOME SCOUT?
You will have access to 100% of the listings, both locally and across the country. The app is secure and is completely ad-free. You can make searches confidentially and know that your personal information will never be sold.

Further, all of the listings will feature agent-grade property details. You can choose to save all of your favorite properties and get updates on them. This will tell you if the value has changed as well as if any changes have been made to the physical property.

The HOME SCOUT app is a great tool to use when you are getting started before obtaining a home loan or once you have been preapproved and you are researching the market. By being able to stay in the know, you can choose properties more efficiently. If you aren’t ready to buy, you can also ensure that you are receiving notifications periodically.

You never want to depend on inaccurate or incomplete information from real estate listings. Using this app will provide you with reliable data that you can use to be a savvier home buyer.

Download the app today, go to:

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