Has Your Home Increased In Value?

It’s no secret that the Dallas house market is a seller’s market right now. In 2014, average home prices rose 12 percent from 2013. And if you are considering joining in on this seller’s market by listing your home, you could be wondering if your house has also gone up in value.

Below are some factors that most likely indicated your property has increased in its value:

  • New businesses are coming to town – If new jobs are coming to town, people to fill those jobs will be coming to town. Businesses don’t move to stagnant areas, they look for areas with growth potential.

This is great news for Dallas residents, as many businesses are planting roots in the metroplex. State Farm and Toyota are two giants that are actually moving their headquarters to town.

  • Houses in your neighborhood are selling, and selling quickly – With demand up and inventory low, there are more buyers in the market than there are sellers, and if homes in your neighborhood are getting good attention and results, odds are that yours will too.
  • You’ve done upgrades to your home – Most of the time remodeling your home or doing some upgrades adds value to your home, especially if it is done to the kitchen. Any real estate expert will tell you that the kitchen is the one upgrade that has the greatest return.

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