Getting your dream house in a seller’s market

Getting your dream house in a seller’s market - The Tuttle Group

It’s no secret that the DFW area is experiencing a major seller’s market right now. According to a recent Dallas Morning News article, Dallas-Fort Worth home prices are significantly overvalued, and the home price growth may even continue into 2016.
So if you are looking at buying a home in the near future, you will be looking at some tough competition. Below are some tips for securing your dream home when it comes time to make an offer:

Make sure you are ready to buy when you start browsing: If you aren’t ready to buy, don’t browse in a seller’s market. Doing so can be dangerous. You could be setting yourself up for heartbreak if you start to browse and then fall in love with a house. The odds of the house still being available when you are ready to buy are slim, and you also don’t want to make a hasty purchase decision when you are not financially ready to make the buy.
Get a professional on your side: You need an experienced agent who understands the market where you want to buy, and knows your needs, wants, and budget. Having an agent that is pro-active and quick can mean you are the first potential buyer to view a house that just went on the market, and can mean you are the first buyer to submit an offer.
Get your financial ducks in a row: Cash offers are the best types of offers. Usually if there are multiple offers on the table, sellers will take the one that is an all-cash offer. But if an-all cash offer is not an option for you, you need to find a way to assure the sellers that your financing is secure. You can do this be working with a well-known and reliable lender.
Also, offering a higher deposit or earnest money can really make a statement. It shows that you are truly interested in the house, and that you are set on buying.
Keep an open mind: Don’t limit your options by only looking at move-in-ready homes. You could be overlooking a diamond in the ruff that just needs a little TLC. Pay attention to the neighborhood, floor plan, and overall location, and see the potential the house has.
Write a personal letter to the homeowner with your offer: In situations where multiple identical offers are on the table, a personal letter to the homeowner can be what sets your offer apart.

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