2015 Five Star Mortgage Professional: Andy Tuttle

2015 Five Star Mortgage Professional Andy Tuttle - The Tuttle Group

Five Star Professional is an organization that recognizes service professionals of exceptional performance and top quality service to their clients. And amongst the list of this years winners for “Five Star Mortgage Professional” is–drum roll please–Andy Tuttle himself!

So how exactly does this award work, how are people chosen, and most importantly, why does it matter? For starters, the Five Star Professional organization chooses its winners by conducting surveys and in-depth research from consumers, peers, and also firms, to help determine who is truly the best of the best and worthy of the title. So now we come to the last point, why does this matter? The point of the extensive research is aimed at helping consumers find service professionals who provide quality service to their clients.

Andy has been in the mortgage industry for over 12 years, and for over a decade, he has instilled the philosophy and mission statement to educate and help people find a home–not a house and loan. From his experience, he has seen too many people become house rich and cash poor, and he believes in educating his clients so that they understand every processes and step in making the biggest purchase of their life.

This award not only recognize’s Andy’s achievements of 2015, but the 12+ years of dedication to his clients and profession.


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