DFW Mortgage Update – April 15, 2017

DFW Real Estate Market Update - The Tuttle Group

Hello home buyers and happy weekend. Find out if you should lock-in your interest rate today and learn why now may be the perfect time to buy a new home or sell your home if you’re thinking about it.DFW Mortgage Update for Home Buyers - The Tuttle Group

This past week say 3.5 days of trading, so there wasn’t a ton of activity. But prices did go up, which means mortgage interest rates have gone down. For those folks who were pre-approved for a home loan in the middle of March, rates are better — or lower — today. If you were approved in February, rates are about the same, explains mortgage broker Andy Tuttle of The Tuttle Group.

Andy also discusses key topics currently top of mind for home buyers:DFW Mortgage Update - The Tuttle Group

  • Why now is the time to consider buying or selling a home. Housing prices are up in most states, while mortgage rates remain low — for now. Remember thatWhy now is the time to consider buying or selling a home could change.
  • Historically, interest rates for a home loan are lower than they have been in history
  • Rates today are 3.5 percent lower than the 30-year average

Checks out these graphs and watch the video to learn more.

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