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DFW Mortgage Market Update July 29th, 2017

DFW real estate market update

This past week was full of news and events, including the Fed meeting, initial job claims, and a stock market rally.

The Fed did not raise the rate and will be stable for now, but we are looking at an increase possibly in September, The GDP was revised lower, we are at a 1.9% growth which is slower than anticipated. The job market continued to be strong, and for a record 125th...

DFW Mortgage Market Update July 22nd

DFW real estate market update https://youtu.be/AAX5PbkeBjo We are right in the middle of summer, and we see good news. New home starts are up as well as housing permits. The jobs report was positive well (the job outlook is the best in 47 years). The last trading dates we have seen a real improvement in interest rates. Additionally, when we review the charts, we see growth continuing.

DFW Mortgage Market Update July 15th 2017

DFW real estate market update

Hot summer with a lot of volatility with bond friendly data. Consumer price index kept inflation in line. But, we had a change that stopped the rally. Early in the week, we had a great rally but we had a “triple tap” in the leading indicators which pushed bond pricing down. The technical influencers that play out as we have a slow news week.

Moving forward we will have to...

DFW Mortgage Market Update July 8th

DFW real estate market update

Middle of summer and the not is it hot outside but so is the market. Inventory is low with under 500,000 so competitive bids are still aggressive. It is a good time to review the rate you already have locked in.

Bond prices have continued to fall forcing a nominal increase in rates. The news has affected the bond rates including the ADP report was not market friendly. We are...

DFW Mortgage Market Update June 9

DFW real estate market update

Mortgage price charts have seen a good move up since April with a little bit of a “regular roller coaster” which is seasonally normal. We are sitting in the middle of a trading range with a very tight window that combines support with up resistant. Last week the economic reports were soft, but we are seeing incredible job opportunities plus a strong buyers market. Light economic reports...

DFW Mortgage Market Update for June 2

DFW real estate market update

This week we had two events that caused directional movement. First, President Trump bowed out of the Paris Agreement; this may help bonds, which in turn helps lower interest rates. Additionally, the jobs report was not as favorable as expected. While there were gains in new jobs, there were a lot of folks leaving the workforce.

The 200-day moving average can indicate two...

DFW Mortgage Market Update for May 27

DFW real estate market update

We hope you had a great holiday weekend. We appreciate those that have given their lives for our freedom.

DFW jobs are in the top 10% of the country, and our affordability and appreciation rates are in the top third. Now is a perfect place and time to buy or sell.

Appreciate is 6%-8% and it looks to remain that high for the rest of the year. Freddie Mac is stating that...

Home Loans for Veterans in Dallas

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May is National Military Appreciation Month and we remember those who have died serving our country in the armed forces on Memorial Day. As we think about Veterans, we want to take a moment to share all of the options available regarding Home Loans for Veterans in Dallas.

At The Tuttle Group, we are proud to help Service Members and Veterans in the Dallas area achieve the...

DFW Mortgage Market Update: Mid-May 2017

realtors near me - The Tuttle Group

This week we had housing news that was not as good as expected. While new housing starts are strong, but the stock market took a dive due to the current political climate. Interest rates improved, but look for next week to make an adjustment.

Since March we have seen a steady climb. If you had were locked in March, you are doing well. You should try to lock in rates now due to...

DFW Mortgage Update – April 29, 2017

DFW real estate market update

Hello, home buyers and happy weekend.

Great things. Stats show great appreciate 8.2% for a metro area. Fantastic place to buy a home. We will continue to see appreciation in this range for the next few years. For instance: $10,000 down on a $200,000 home that $20k on 8% appreciate you will make $16,000

Rates Not only appreciation is up, but inventory is...

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