DFW Mortgage Market Update for May 27

DFW Real Estate Market Update - The Tuttle Group

We hope you had a great holiday weekend. We appreciate those that have given their lives for our freedom.

DFW jobs are in the top 10% of the country, and our affordability and appreciation rates are in the top third. Now is a perfect place and time to buy or sell.

Appreciate is 6%-8% and it looks to remain that high for the rest of the year. Freddie Mac is stating that this will be the best housing marketing in ten years. Average days on market is down to 29 days. This is ideal for everyone showing the economy is doing better as well as the stock market. Bonds continued to remain steady. With continuing political news we see

The Fed released their plan for quantitative tightening, which is getting some of the bonds off their books. Watch out for the jobs report.

If you are shopping for a house, you are in a great situation. Continue looking for that perfect property!

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