5 Things All New Homeowners Should Know

5 Things All New Homeowners Should Know - The Tuttle Group

5 Things All New Homeowners Should Know - The Tuttle GroupBeing a first-time homeowner is an exciting experience and a big step in life. With all the aspects involved in the process, along with the variety of homes and home buying options, there are a few things new homeowners should know about buying a home in the current market.

Determine What You Can Afford

Before you begin looking for a new home, it’s important to set an ideal price range. This helps you can narrow down your options and avoid financial stress later on. Identifying a comfortable price range typically involves considering the area of residence as well as your expected down payment, credit score, debts, and income. You can use an online calculation tool to help you determine your home affordability factors and estimate potential loan details and closing costs. 

Consider Your Current Loans and Credit Score

While planning to buy a home, make sure to factor in your other loans, such as student loans or auto loans, along with your credit score. Consider your monthly payments for outstanding loans to ensure that your set price range and expected mortgage payments are feasible. Mortgage lenders evaluate your on-time payments for current loans and your credit score to determine your eligibility for varying loan types and limits. To strengthen your credit score in preparation for buying a house, refrain from applying for new credit lines, keep your credit cards open, and maintain low credit card balances.

Plan for the Long-Term

When choosing a new home, think about your long-term home needs. These include things like bedrooms, bathrooms, yard space, garage size, and distance from work or schools. Purchasing a home is a lasting commitment, so it’s necessary to plan ahead. Evaluate the purpose of your home-buying plans while considering your life goals. Understanding your long-term needs allows you to narrow down your home options to match your intended lifestyle.

Identify the Associated Costs

While the purchase price of a house and your ideal price range are important factors. However, there are other associated costs to consider. The long-term costs of maintaining the home itself may make a significant difference in your expenses. In addition to your mortgage payment, you’ll have to pay for utilities and eventually make some repairs or renovations. Some renovation or maintenance costs to consider include materials, labor, and potential permits.

Evaluate Your Mortgage Options

There are different mortgage options available to suit the needs and financial situations for new homeowners. Evaluate the different types of mortgage loans, loan terms, and interest rates to help you determine what options work best for you. You can research new homeowner assistance programs that provide first-time homebuyers with down payment assistance, along with low-interest rate options. As you begin looking at homes, it’s beneficial to apply for a mortgage preapproval letter from a lending company. This will demonstrate your commitment to purchasing a home.

Understanding these five aspects that go into the home-buying process can help you better prepare as a new homeowner. If you’re feeling ready to buy a new home or have some questions about the home-buying process, drop us a line, text us, or call. The Tuttle Group is always here to help you find the right loan.

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