Which Is Best for You? 15-Year vs 30-Year Mortgages

Mortgage Minute on American Dream TV - The Tuttle Group

Debating whether a 15-year or 30-year mortgage is best for you? We’ve got answers!
On this week’s episode of The American Dream TV show, we brought in Mary Lyons of Personal Economics Group to discuss the advantages and opportunities available with a 30-year mortgage.

As we all know, a 15-year mortgage can minimize your total borrowing costs and help you eliminate debt more quickly. This alone can make the 15-year mortgage option appear to be a better route over a 30-year home loan.  However, as Mary Lyons recommends, if you can swing a 15-year mortgage choosing a 30-year mortgage and investing the extra money each month could actually afford you the same ability to pay off your mortgage early while also providing you with some extra cash to handle life’s unexpected events.

Can’t decide?

Don’t worry, we cover the pros and cons in detail when working with you.   Our loan specialists are experienced and absolutely committed to helping you find the the loan program right for you and your financial needs.  Contact us today to learn more about what The Tuttle Group can do for you and your new home purchase.

About Mary Lyons

Mary Lyons is the Managing Director and a personal economic strategist at  Personal Economics Group (PEG).   As a Top 10 producer nationally for her broker dealer, Mary’s success revolves around a key point: she focuses on teaching her clients how money really works.  Mary helps her clients understand what financial institutions do with their money and then teaches her clients how to use the same processes and products to create advantages for themselves. She educates her clients on how to increase liquidity without giving up expected returns, and develop strategies that focus on increasing the flow of money, with each invested dollar providing more than a one-time benefit.

Mary has built lasting relationships with her clients and her philosophy is simple and non-negotiable. She creates financial plans based on strategies verified by an economic systems and does not endorse any particular products.

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