DFW Market Update – April 1, 2017

DFW Real Estate Market Update - The Tuttle Group

Hello home buyers and happy April Fool’s Day. Today we offer you only truths — no tricks!

This week we talk about what is happening with interest rates and how that impacts how much it costs to borrow money to buy a home.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of ups and downs with interest rates. Now we’re in a sideways trading range — meaning it’s a squeeze. Check out a video from Andy Tuttle of The Tuttle Group to learn what that means and how it impacts home buyers since we’re seeing pressure from both sides. Watch to see what this means for the weeks ahead. He’ll also discuss the relationship between the market and home mortgage rates.

Andy also addresses a question we keep hearing: “Did I miss out on the gain in the value of homes in DFW?” The answer is no! It’s not at all too late. We expected to continue to see a 6% to 8% appreciation in the value of a home over the next few years. So yes, now is the time to be a home buyer in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

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