American Dream TV

Craig Sewing Host of The American Dream TV

American Dream TV

The Tuttle Group is honored to be a part of the The American Dream TV show in Dallas. Hosted by Craig Sewing, a nationally recognized television, radio personality and public speaker, The American Dream TV show goes against the grain of negative media and pop culture to tackle controversial issues with a positive message, giving you the motivation to fight for your American Dream. We’re really excited to be a contributor and hope you tune in!

You can catch the show on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video!

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Mortgage Minute with Andy Tuttle, American Dream TV

Each week Andy Tuttle will bring you new and trending topics on all things mortgage related.  From breaking myths about 20% down to the latest in loan programs, and everything in between. Be sure to tune in weekly, follow us on Facebook, or check back at the blog for the latest in mortgage news.