Dallas Area Spring Break Solutions for Working Parents

Worried about what to do with the kids over spring break since you can’t take time off of work or work from home? It’s a big problem for many  Dallas-area working parents. So know you aren’t alone! Here are some simple solutions in Dallas-Ft. Worth for dealing with this annual headache.Spring Break solutions for DFW working parents

Your Relatives: Would your parents, aunts, or uncles love some bonding time with the kids? Maybe you have a stay-at-home sibling with kids who would love a change of pace. It’s cheap and easy, except for the unsolicited parenting advice!

Spring Break Camps: Many communities are now offering spring break camps to meet this specific need. Do a little legwork.Check out your kid’s school, your school district website, private schools, local churches, rec centers, martial arts studios, gyms, theater companies, zoos, museums, nature centers, local colleges, etc.

For instance:

Spring Break Babysitting Coop:
Talk to other parents and coordinate childcare swaps. Five parents. Everyone takes a day off and watches the kids. You only need to use one day of PTO instead of five. And, it’s free!

College Students: Local college spring breaks may coordinate with yours. And, college and graduate students are always looking to earn extra money. Bonus if you can get a child psychology major!

Retired People: Many retired people are looking for ways to earn extra money. Check your local Council on Aging or your neighborhood association. They may be able to direct you to senior centers and publications for active retired folks. This may be a great backup for days when your kids get sick, too. Just make sure the person is in good health and can keep up with your kids.

Volunteering or Job Shadowing: If you have mature teenagers, you may be able to find a place for them to volunteer, intern, or job shadow. Check out nonprofits, churches, nursing homes, childcare centers, etc. Many would love extra help with administrative tasks, answering the phones, talking to the people they serve, etc. And, this provides your child with valuable real-world experience. Just make sure your child will be well supervised and kept busy.

Professional Babysitters or Nannies: Many larger communities have sitter and nanny services. They’re expensive but their people are licensed, bonded, and background checked. You don’t have to worry about whether the teenager next door is really mature enough for a week of childcare. You can keep costs down by sharing a sitter or nanny with another family. Be sure to book well in advance as spring break is a high-demand time. Expect to pay a premium.

Your Employer: If you work for a large company, talk to your HR folks and see if they might consider offering spring break camps for kids. This would take a lot of planning, but one conversation might spark an employer benefit that solves this problem for everyone for years to come.

Be sure to start planning early! Then you can maximize your options and make sure you have a solid plan in place.

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