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How HOA’s affect purchasing a home

There’s a lot that you should know about a Homeowners Association (HOA) and how it affects not only your home purchase but also property value. It can be a great feature, but knowing what it will offer and how it will constrict you is of the utmost importance.

What is an HOA? HOAs is an association that has a board and a set of rules as to what “can”...

Realtor Coffee Talk 08/12/17: Bank Statement Loans are Back

Non-traditional financing is back! We are now able to serve various borrowers that may not have been able to qualify for a loan. Below are several examples, please call us, we probably have a loan program that will help your client.

Bank Statement Loans- This is a solution for self-employed. Simply have your client bring their business and personal tax papers as well as business...

DFW Mortgage Market Update Aug 12th 2017: North Korea threats spook market and bonds benefit

The news this week surrounding the tension in North Korea has caused the stock to have some downward turns. The news affects the bond market due to the “flight to quality” to their inherent safety.

The chart shows the bond market rising which help lower mortgage rates. So if you have a contract pending now is the time to lock in that rate. If you are still shopping, we will...

DFW Mortgage Market Update Aug 4th 2017

This week we saw the stock market go over 2200, but bonds rallied at the same time. Mortgage rates are better since July, but the jobs report may stall due to a better than expected report. While the jobs report was very positive, this may affect the long term bonds market. We are hoping for a breakout next week, carefully floating position.

Realtor Coffee Talk Aug 5th 2017: Create Your Own Pre-Approval Letters

Today are going to discuss Floify allows you to follow the loan process for your clients. Whenever you send us a client, we will link you to the system which will provide you with an easy way to collect and verify documents, keep all partners in the loop, and efficiently manage every loan in process.

The system will send you a notification on your phone either through text or...

DFW Mortgage Market Update July 29th, 2017

This past week was full of news and events, including the Fed meeting, initial job claims, and a stock market rally.

The Fed did not raise the rate and will be stable for now, but we are looking at an increase possibly in September, The GDP was revised lower, we are at a 1.9% growth which is slower than anticipated. The job market continued to be strong, and for a record 125th...

Realtor Coffee Talk July 28th: Join The Tuttle Group at the 2017 Sales Mega Marathon

This week we are reminding you to join at the Core Training “Sales Mega Marathon” on August 18, 2017 at the Anatole in Dallas. This super upbeat seminar will help you stay focused generating leads for your business. Please note that even though their site says they’re sold out, we are able to secure extra tickets, so you’re welcome to get them from The Tuttle Group. We’d...

DFW Mortgage Market Update July 22nd are right in the middle of summer, and we see good news. New home starts are up as well as housing permits. The jobs report was positive well (the job outlook is the best in 47 years). The last trading dates we have seen a real improvement in interest rates. Additionally, when we review the charts, we see growth continuing.

Realtor Coffee Talk July 21st: Getting to the Top of the Funnel

This week’s Coffee Talk we discuss Home Scout. As you probably know, An average agent makes 25 contacts, works with two of those and sells to one. Let’s start at what a contact is; according to NAR, a contact is any prospective buyer or seller that has made contact. Most of the contacts are lost to lead aggregators (Zillow, Trulia,

Additionally, 50% of the...

Ernesto Miranda talks about “Working with History” discusses establishing a budget for the design aspect of a historical building or home. Working with the historical society to allow leniency in order to complete the project. This helps with providing additional income from the tax base as well as maintaining history.

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