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DFW Mortgage Market Update June 9

Mortgage price charts have seen a good move up since April with a little bit of a “regular roller coaster” which is seasonally normal. We are sitting in the middle of a trading range with a very tight window that combines support with up resistant. Last week the economic reports were soft, but we are seeing incredible job opportunities plus a strong buyers market. Light economic reports...

DFW Mortgage Market Update for June 2

This week we had two events that caused directional movement. First, President Trump bowed out of the Paris Agreement; this may help bonds, which in turn helps lower interest rates. Additionally, the jobs report was not as favorable as expected. While there were gains in new jobs, there were a lot of folks leaving the workforce.

The 200-day moving average can indicate two...

Realtor Coffee Talk: CORE Coach Dayton Schrader

This week we are excited to have, Dayton Schrader a top RE/MAX Agent with over 25 years experience. Watch as he answers a critical question: “How can you increase your business this summer?” Dayton says: Concentrate on your top 10% (VIP clients) and focus on them and their needs. Take them lunch or spend time with them. They should be sending you business, if not “cut...

Tuttle Talk: Kyle Skaar from Stonehollow Homes

Kyle Skaar from Stonehollow Homes talks about how they provide amenities as a base, compared to what other homebuilders offer as upgrades. One of Stonehollow Homes’ core beliefs is “Life Is Just Too Short To Settle…” Why shouldn’t you live each day to it’s fullest, and get the best of everything that you deserve within the budget that you choose to...

DFW Mortgage Market Update for May 27

We hope you had a great holiday weekend. We appreciate those that have given their lives for our freedom.

DFW jobs are in the top 10% of the country, and our affordability and appreciation rates are in the top third. Now is a perfect place and time to buy or sell.

Appreciate is 6%-8% and it looks to remain that high for the rest of the year. Freddie Mac is stating that...

Realtor Coffee Talk: CORE Coach Steve Kaer

Steve joined the CORE Training program back in the recession, and every year since then he has DOUBLED his commission income! Watch the video see some tips on how you could do the same!

Steve Kaer provides a couple of tips that will help you in this summer season. Theme days include:

Monday: Calls to VIP Tuesday: Update calls Wednesday: Fast and hot leads Thursday: Favorite...

Simple House Deals

Frank Reed from explains how to use “soft money” to help you buy the house you want. Simple House Solutions allows you the flexibility to search for the right property. His team is constantly building their property list with properties that are great as the primary home or an investment. Frank does the hard work up front to help you get conventional...

DFW Mortgage Market Update: Mid-May 2017

This week we had housing news that was not as good as expected. While new housing starts are strong, but the stock market took a dive due to the current political climate. Interest rates improved, but look for next week to make an adjustment.

Since March we have seen a steady climb. If you had were locked in March, you are doing well. You should try to lock in rates now due to...

Realtor Coffee Talk: Top Producer Mike Wood

Top producer Mike Wood is on this week’s Coffee Talk. With 200 deals last year, they are currently running 20 sales a month this year. Mike’s big tip for 2017 is to “regrade” fans and work on relationships. Build a strong referral business. This creates a better way to build the relationship and enhance future growth. Mike also states that biggest gain realtors...

Realtor Coffee Talk – Let’s Cook Some Steak

May 18 we will be holding a customer appreciation event at Local Yocal in McKinney. At our Steak 101, you will see different cuts of meat and tips on grilling. This will be an excellent time with your peers. Andy Tuttle will be at SCORE Summer Conference next week.

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